A new challange for us, and a chance for you to join in the making of a unique place.
Bandava - it was once a great Curonian land. In honor of it's legacy we have deicided to call our living history and culture center in it's name.
Our goal is to create an authentic, period - correct enviorment, in which you can partake in activities of the late iron age - wood and ironworking and many other crafts, aswell as to test your mettle in the fighting arts and combat. To create eductional and entertaining events. And to keep the memory of our ancestors alive!
It will not be a museum exhibition behind a glass window, but instead - a living, breathing place, where you can touch some piece of history with your own hands.
Based on the saga of Egil Skallagrimson that details his travels in Curonia we will be building an reconstruction of a fortified settlement of the late iron age. Consulted by Dr. Hist. Arturs Tomsons and building archeologist Juris Zviedrāns.
With the support of the Latvijas Kūltūrkapitāla fonds this project is realised by the organisers of Zobens un Lemess Open Air, reenactment club Exercitus Rigensis and professional art development foundation SERDE.
In the making of this project everyone can give their support, be it in the form of lending a hand in work, a donation of materials, tools or just vocal support of this project. This is not a commercial project, and we will be thankful for all the support we receive!

See you in BANDAVA!